Chaos and crisis so let’s change the boss.

Professor Nick Hardwick, the wrongly sacked former head of the Parole Board has accused the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) of not taking responsibility for the much reported crisis in our prisons. He makes these comments after it emerged that the HM Prison and Probation boss, Michael Spurr was asked to step down (sacked) by minister, even though the Moi deny that ministers had any involvement in this decision.

We have all read the news of damming reports by the prison inspectorate, and we all know that ‘the system’ is awash with contraband and violence. Those of us with lived experience of prison can tell many true stories of this, and how Spice, the current trend is ruining the lives of many prisoners. Last week we had the news of yet another mass stoppage of work by prison officers up and down the country because their workplace is unsafe.

Mr Heaton, the Permanent Secretary for the MoJ said “we now need to look ahead” and develop strategy for the future. So is this the right time to change Impossible head? I am not so sure that the timing is right here. Surely the right time for that would be when the strategy (if there is one) is published and ready to roll out across the prison estate.

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