Blogging and Columning!

I write for an organisation that allows prisoners (and others in the community) to find a balance in their life. From that balance a progression can be made, and for me it was a total change of career…out of the kitchen and into the world of writing!

This is the banner from my first newspaper column which was published on Friday 5th October 2018. I want to use this blog to thank GreenerGrowth for all their hard work. Jo and her team are an amazing (and I mean that) bunch of people. When they work within the prison estate there is no ‘them and us’, we all get on with the work as a team; and that makes a difference when you are working with those in secure environments. The men that I was in prison with had skills that they used in work prior to custody and we were all encouraged to use them, and to teach them to others. I was taught how to cut timber in a straight line by a former engineer; in return I taught him the art (and science, which he loved) of the compost heap.

Prison is not a positive environment, and even less so at the moment with the much highlighted disturbances and violence. This does not mean that men and women in jail cannot take positives away from these places. It does mean that the prisoners have to work harder to find the good things that will aid proper rehabilitation.

This is the endpiece to my column, and I want Jo to tell you a little bit about her organisation.

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